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“I loved loved loved this book so much. It was very realistic and written in a classic style that is current but will definitely stand the test of time. All of the characters are interesting, and very well-developed, and relatable. Also, this book fully captures the flavor of Cape Cod and Woods Hole with touches and flourishes that any person who loves the area can fully appreciate it.

I’m anxiously looking forward to the next book by this talented debut author.”

-RLK, Centerville, MA

I loved loved loved this book so much

“Breezy, witty, and totally relatable, Speck’s first novel is set in Woods Hole and NYC and is filled with spot on references about local watering holes and other landmarks. You’ll root for broken-hearted Emma, the main character, from the first page as she endures her quest to find true love. Some passages are laugh-out-loud funny and even the more sensitive parts are tinged with Speck’s light-hearted, self deprecating tone. You won’t be able to put the book down until you find out where Emma’s quest leads her and while the ending may be surprising, you’ll be satisfied with the result. The one thing you will be wanting more of is Speck’s voice, which, hopefully we’ll be privy to in another book written by her soon!”
-Jaci Conry, Author of DominoDwellDesign New England, and Boston Home. Contributor to Boston Globe Magazine.  

“Breezy, Witty and Totally Relatable”

“Honor Girl is beautifully written, deeply moving and very funny. Alexandra Speck is an author to watch. And her debut novel is a delightful read. I highly recommend it!”

-Jamie Cat Callan, Bestselling Author of French Women Don’t Sleep Alone and Parisian Charm School 

Very Funny and Deeply Moving

“Great fun book. I didn’t want to put it down. Emma (the main character) is a smart funny 30 something. Her intelligence combines beautifully with her humor as she observes and analyzes herself, friends, and strangers throughout the book. I was giggling out loud. Emma is like a pre-marriage and motherhood Bernadette from Maria Semple’s Where did you go Bernadette? Like the other reviewer, I can’t wait for the next installment.”

-Beth Homand, Nurse Practitioner, Mother, Reader.

“I Didn’t Want to Put it Down”