Hi! Thanks for checking out my website and wanting to learn more about me. I have always been a writer, from when I created a screenplay for Judy Blume’s Superfudge at the age of 9. I guess most recently, and importantly, I wrote my first novel, Honor Girl. It’s set on Cape Cod, where I live with my two children. It also takes place in NYC, where I was an actress and comedienne for seven years, and where I went to college at Columbia University. I’ve worked in clinical research, as a magician’s assistant, a drama teacher, a coach, a typist, a waitress, and a reporter for NPR. I’ve kinda done it all, which I guess gives me a lot to write about. Working on a second novel …when I’m not working at my job…and taking care of my kids. So, it’s going kind of slow, but I aim to be done by Fall 2019.