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Can I Do these Four Things This Year?

It’s a new day, a new year! I seem excited, don’t I? All this emphatic punctuation (!) makes it seem so!! I’m not, really. And, I realize that I have the same resolutions I had last year, which is none, because I worry I can’t keep them. I don’t want to disappoint, so I will instead just give into my bad habits and let myself off the hook.

No, that’s terrible.

See? I’m actually thinking aloud now. We can’t let ourselves off the hook so easily by being flat-out lazy. I need to do a whole lot’ta things, and here are just some of them:

  1. Take time to go for a legit walk/run/something every day. As I ran up the stairs from my car today into work, lugging a lunch bag, my ginormous purse filled with Nerf darts I picked off the lawn on my way out, and a bag of various cold remedies, I was out of breath. Like, old person-wheezing, out of breath. Not sure how this came about when a mere six years ago I was buying new running shoes and telling the retail clerk that I was “a runner” and ran “up to seven miles a day.”
My purse

2. Cut back the calories by cutting back on unnecessary drinks. And I’m not talking soda and Gatorade. I am talking sugary wine (read: the devil). I may as well eat a pint of Ben n’ Jerry’s Chunky Monkey each night. And, speaking of which, I am officially a chunky monkey.  My skinny jeans are sneering at me from the top of my closet, and my angry scale, which must be re-calibrated, since it’s obviously off (#not) slaps me with egregious readings in the morning. Must be the coffee…

3. Start reading more. I actually read a novel the other night, and it felt so good! And I was also reading something about how it’s good to raise children with books–visible, tangible ones–around the house. They need to see you reading to want to read themselves. Reading online isn’t the same.

4. I will say I’ve been pretty good about mitigating my screen time on my phone. So I’m going to keep that up. I love that notification you get now of how much time you’ve spent on social media, etc. It’s a wake-up call, and that time can so be spent doing something more productive. And by something, I mean anything…else.

That’s about all for me this year. I think four things is enough. After all, when I started writing this, I was doing zilch. Now I have four things to do! I hope I don’t disappoint…


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