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A Break-Up Letter: Goodbye, Summer

Dear Summer,

I love you, but this must end. I will await your return months from now, and perhaps regret letting you go; however, I can no longer sustain the pain I feel. Aside from the darker moments in my cubicle, while you are out foraying around with everyone on the beach, you have cheated on me with the rain every single weekend. This, above all, is just cruel. I thought we were closer than this, Summer, as I am a Cancer, a summer baby, and you just dumped on that!

Not only this, but you have left my children without daily structure, and it’s run amok–not for just me, for them. The chaos you create with no school and no buses for this length of time is downright selfish, Summer. It’s toxic, truly.

That’s right. I said it, you’re a selfish-baby, complete with barbecues, beers, and beaches-the three B’s that end in a fourth “b:” breakup.

We are done here.

Love, Me

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