Don’t Hate on My Social Media, Please.

You can’t win with social media: either you’re painting too pretty of a picture, or you’re Debbie-Downer soliciting pity. And, for both, I’ve been criticized. The thing is, maybe we are all a combination of both, so our social media is both. It is an accurate reflection of our reality, which can be in the middle, a hue of gray. Life isn’t black and white, our emotions are not black and white;  hence, our Facebook and Instagram accounts can reflect that, no?

Some days, I post fun pictures with my kids, like when I’m covered in garage sale pricing stickers, or I’m ready to hurl on the ferris wheel and laughing at the county fair. Other times, I may post something about how frenzied and harried I feel, frayed and frazzled, parenting solo and lamenting my lot. And, ya’ know what? BOTH scenarios are true! Yes, that’s right: I am all of those things and more.

Some nights, I cry a really hard cry, the kind that makes my stomach shake. I hold my childhood Paddington bear tight and weep, his pilled brown fur soaking up tears, and joining my history of tears from childhood bruises, college breakups, career blunders, and adulthood. We all need a soft shoulder to cry on sometimes; and sometimes that shoulder, for me, is a stuffed bear. See? Now, I’m laughing!

See how I did that? I went from sad to happy, just like my photos on social media do!

I say post what you want. If you feel happy, show it off. Revel in it. Be glad and shout hooray, because tomorrow may not be so bright. And, when you want to share that darker day, you go ahead and do that too. We’re here for you with our “likes.”


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