Free Association Post-Holiday

I can’t believe tomorrow is Wednesday. It better not be sunny today when I’m back at work. I wonder why I didn’t like not working. I need to sort that laundry decorating my chairs. Seriously, where do all those socks go? Today is a new day, and that’s just water weight on the scale, or too much coffee this morning. Should I have gotten the two lane Slip and Slide, instead of the one lane? It seems sort of narrow. I need to mow the lawn again. Should I look into hiring a landscaper again? I wonder if seltzer water is having deleterious effects on my esophagus, which feels sore, even though I’m not sick. Am I getting sick? Maybe I will google “permanent sore throat” and see what comes up. I didn’t need another glass of pinot grigio. Can I stop beating myself up? No, I can’t. The babysitter should be reminded to come today, since the days are all mixed up after a long weekend. There are only a few weeks left of school. Did I pick the right camps for them? I so am not wearing a swimsuit and wonder if I can get away with that all summer. I hate the beach, except for cocktails. Why didn’t I get central air? I know, it’s gross and not sustainable. I have too much recycling. Why can’t I remember to bring my bags into the grocery store when I go in? Is an above ground pool super trashy? The kids could drown and I’d never forgive myself. Or an animal. I still want a dog. I have no time for a pet. I need to wash my hair before work. Will the hair dye fall out with too much conditioner? Maybe I should go lighter for the summer–like beachy. I could make an appointment for Wednesday. Wait, tomorrow is Wednesday. I can’t believe tomorrow is Wednesday.

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